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Commander's Notes-(PDFs)
Bulletin 2016-03
Bulletin 2016-02
Bulletin 2016-01
2015 Bulletin Archives
PLAV Constitution - (PDF)
PLAV Constitution
Rituals and Ceremonies
PLAV Standing Rules
Operations Manual 
Photo Archive
Department of Ohio Past Commanders 2015
October 1983 - Hearing for PLAV Charter
Scholarship Forms - (PDF)
2018/2019 Scholarship Application

2017 - 18  Scholarship Winners

Mackenzie Bragan
Ithaca College


Sponsor - Charles Tipton Jr
Liverpool, N.Y. Post 14

Joseph Bubonic
University of Dayton


Sponsor - Kenneth Bubonic
Willowwick, OH Post 31

Elli Formentin
Hillsdale College


Sponsor - Davis Ptak
Trenton, MI Post 7 

McKenzie Gracyalny
Florida State University


Sponsors - Robert and Janice Gracyalny
Pulaski, WI Post 178

Daniel Morgiewicz
Mount St. Mary College


Sponsor - Lorraine Andryshak
Goshen, N.Y. Chapter 16

Quartermaster Forms - (PDF)
  Contact Quartermaster:
Frank J. Beier
37 Washington ST
Ipswich, MA 01938
Order Form
Cap Order Form
Recruiting Forms - (PDF)
Notice to Commanders
New Membership Application
Recruiting Poster 8.5 X 11
Recruiting Poster w/contact
Administrative Forms - (PDF)
Reporting Forms
M-100 Officers Roster
M-100a Sons Detachment Officers Roster
M-200 Fiscal Membership Report
M-400 Membership & Financial Statement
M-600 Database Information
National Department Expense Report Rev. 09-2017
Discontinued National Department Service Officer Expense Report
VAVS Form #1
VAVS Form #2
Applications & Petitions
M-300 Application for Post Charter
M-300a Application for Auxiliary Unit Charter
M-500 Application for Post Name Change
M-700 Petition for White Eagle Award
M-800 Petition for PLAV American Eagle Award
M-900 Application for National Life Membership
M-1000 State Honorary Membership Application



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